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Chapters in Books

1.     Chen, Y.M., Wang, S.L., "An Efficient Numerical Method for Determination of Shapes, Sizes and Orientation of Flaws for Nondestructive Evaluation", in Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation: 4A, Plenum Press, 1985, 543-549.

2.     Wang, S.L., Tsai, Y.J., “Fuzzy Queries with Compound Fuzzy Attributes”, in A New Paradigm of Knowledge Engineering by Soft Computing, edited by Liya Ding, Vol. 5, FLSI Soft Computing Series, World Scientific, 2001, 149-162.

3.     Wang, S.L., “Fuzzy Database Systems”, chapter 13 in Fuzzy Theory and Applications, Chinese Fuzzy System Association-Taiwan, 2002. (In Chinese)

4.     Hong, T.P., Lin, K.Y., and Wang, S.L., “A Time-Completeness Tradeoff on Fuzzy Web-Browsing Mining”, Fuzzy Logic and the Internet, V. Loia, M. Nikravesh and L. A. Zadeh (Eds.), Physica-Verlag, Springer, February, 2004, pp. 117 - 134.

5.     Wang, S.L., Lo, W.S., and Hong, T.P, "Discovery of Fuzzy Multiple-Level Browsing Patterns", in Classification and Clustering for Knowledge Discovery, eds. S.K. Halgamuge, L.P. Wang, Springer, September, 2005, ISBN 3-540-26073-0, 251-266.

6.     Wang, S.L., Shen, J.W. & Hong, T.P., Incremental Discovery of Fuzzy Functional Dependencies. In Galindo, J. (Ed.) Handbook of Research on Fuzzy Information Processing in Databases.  Vol. II, pp. 615-633, May, 2008, Hershey, PA, USA: Information Science Reference (

7.     Wang, S.L., Shen, J.W., Hong, T.P. Dynamic Discovery of Fuzzy Functional Dependencies Using Partitions. In Wang, S.L. and Hong, T.P., (Ed.) Intelligent Soft Computation and Evolving Data Mining: Integrating Advanced Technology. pp. 44-60, 2010, Hershey, PA, USA: Information Science Reference. (

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