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President Leon Shyue-Liang Wang



Immerged in 200 acres of green campus and state-of-the-art facilities, a group of young and vibrant faculty and staff, together with talented and ambitious students from all over the island and around the world, is shaping a prestigious university with academic excellence and collaborative community with global connections.

“Any person … any study”, like Cornell University in USA, National University of Kaohsiung (NUK) is a state-commissioned and open-access university in southern Taiwan. Our mission is to foster talents, discover and disseminate knowledge. We also aim to drive and facilitate national development policies, and enhance the transformation of local industries and business, when founded in the millennium year of 2000.

The spirit of NUK is formed by a different sort of freedom than that which characterizes other universities – egalitarianism, diversity, and openness. We are an institution committed to equality, though not always well-implemented, that affirmed the importance of higher education for students of all economic backgrounds, gender, ethnicity, and classes; provides wide range of curriculum entitling students with great choice; open to new degrees and areas of study in disciplines ranging from athletic performance to electrical engineering, eastern languages to life sciences, political law to Asian-Pacific industry and business management.

We seek to develop our students a resilience to face community issues and uncertain future, an appreciation of cross-discipline fusion and conflicts, and a commitment to rationality and humanity with which that approach the world’s challenges, while encourage students to set sail “to learn and go on learning” journey.

I look forward to working with all friends, faculty, students, staff, alumni, parents, and supports, to set sail to the next four years of our remarkable voyage that await our discovery.