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【Refereed Papers(2010-2016)】

  • Chen, Y. T. (2015) Student government on campus. Student Affairs and Guidance Counseling. 54(2), 1-6.
  • Chen, Y. T. (2014) On the project equity dispute arbitration. Arbitration quarterly Journal. 100, 56-78.
  • Chen, Y. T. (2013) A Study on Civil Medical Causation. Property and Economic Law Journal. 35, 1-32.
  • Chen, Y. T. (2013) Affect the responsibility of the Rotterdam Rules amending the law on Taiwan's futuremaritime transport. The Practice and Innovation of Law-Essays in Honor of Professor Yiu-Lung Chen for His 60th Birthday. 592-607.
  • Chen, Y. T. (2012) Introspection on Moral Correlation between Patients' Prior Consent and Law Aspect. Journal of Science and Technology. 8, 115-142.
  • Chen, Y. T. (2012) Plagiarism and Quotation--The Intersection between Academic Ethics and Copyright. National Universisty of Kaohsiung Law Journal. 8(1), 137-167.
  • Chen, Y. T. (2012) Sexual Relationship and the Laws--A Study on Law's Enactment about Sexual Relationship. Journal of Appiled Ethics Teaching and Research. 7(1), 59-78.
  • Chen, Y. T. (2011) A Study on the Practice of CEDAW in Taiwan Civil Law. Journal of Appiled Ethics Teaching and Research. 1, 69-82.
  • Chen, Y. T. (2010) Review of Legislative Development on Abortion Science and Technology in Taiwan. KMU Journal of General Education. 5, 98-118.
  • Chen, Y. T. (2010) The Law Basis on Gender Equity and Its Practice in Campus. Journal of Appiled Ethics Teaching and Research. 5, 101-100.
  • Chen, Y. T. (2010) A Study on Procurement and Procurement Items--Focus on WTO/GAP and the Cross-strait Government Procurement Legal Systems. Financial and Economic Law Review. 20, 131-154.


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